Wren's 2.0 Game

Old World Notes


The Old World

The Shadow Master: Unknown real name. Shadow adept who taught Marcus the ways of shadow and blood for three years.

Rat Keepers: A gang of thieves numbering over 200. They live in the docks and slums of Lexford. Lead by one thief of renown named Ceasar the Pirate King (9th).

Moon Sailors: The moon is synonymous in this world for ill omen. This pirate gang occupies the haunted ruins and runs illegal operations smuggling dream tonic into Lexford. Led by the enigmatic Lord Sheridan (M/LE/Conqueror).

Deren Arenbur V: Warlord in training. Hopes to ascend to power by privilege of his father.

Kyle Arenbur: Greedy smuggler and slaver who seeks to undermine Derek for control and ascension to power.

Sophie Arenbur: A selfish thaumaturge that seeks to undermine her brothers and ascend to power.

Wayland Arenbur: Pistoler and adventurer. Wants nothing to do with his family. Blessed by his father with powerful magical items.

Constable Freddrick: Pugilist and gambler. Enforces the law to brutal efficiency. Employs an Anubian witch named Natesa.

Natesa: Neutral witch with the rare gift of awakened sight. Has a rare philosophy of upholding balance in whatever region she calls home.


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