Domain Rules

These simplified rules on owning lands and managing an economy are derived from the Birthright campaign. Once every three months (a season) your character may take four actions to strengthen his rule. Some actions can be made as ‘free’ actions, but only one free action may be made a month. If you need to contest an action against another ruler, you roll a 1d20 plus your Loyalty bonus. The higher of the two wins the contest.

Actions per Domain Turn

Domain Turn Action Cost Bonus
Adventure N/A N/A
Rule Court I Gain a permanent +1 to Loyalty (up to +5)
Leadership Court I Respond to Event
Create Holding See Holdings Create a holding. This can take multiple seasons to complete
Concessions Court I Force concessions (+1d6 GB)
Trade Route Court I; Guild I Create trade route; can only be done once per province (+1d6 GB every upkeep)
Forge Ley Line Wizard in Court Cast a Domain Spell
Fortify 6 GB Holding gains a two tier bonus against invaders
Recruit Lieutenant Court I Gain a competent leader stand-in
Recruit Soldiers See Holdings Create one army unit per domain
Advancement Court I; 3 GB Increase a single Province level by 1 (up to level 4)

Free Actions
Note that you gain a +4 bonus when taking an espionage or agitate action, however opposing parties can earn a +1 to their roll per 1 GB they wish to spend. A success of +10 points reveals the Domain responsible.

Free Actions Cost Bonus
*Espionage 4 GB Can incite Assassination, Crime, or Feud
*Agitate 4 GB Can incite Heresy or Unrest.
Finances Treasury Can collect 1d6 GB on a 15+ Loyalty check. Can liquidate 1 GB into 4,000 + 10d100 gold. Up to your province level can be liquidated this way.
Disband N/A Disbanded troops without pay become brigands

Class Bonuses
Each class type gains special bonuses due to its skill set.

Class Bonus
Fighter +2 to Loyalty and -1 upkeep cost on provinces
Ranger No upkeep cost on a province. Cannot own more than one province and must be located in a woodland area
Paladin +1 to Loyalty and collect +1d3 GB from each temple
Thief -2 to Loyalty; +2 to Espionage and collect +1d4 GB per level of guild (instead of 1d2)
Mage -4 to Loyalty; +2 to Agitate and can cast one domain spell as a free action

Holdings and Taxes

Each province is made up of holdings that generate income for your rule, and taxes you levy upon your subjects that also generate income.

Province level can be increased as an action. Each province demands you pay upkeep for its control. The Army Units is the number of units that province can support. You will need half the suggested Army Units in each province to hold law and order. Although each province can have multiple holdings, you only get tax and loyalty benefit from the Holdings number listed.

Level Upkeep Army Units Guild/Temple
Minor (I) 0 1 1
Medium (II) 1 2 2
Large (III) 2 4 3
Major (IV) 3 6 4

Also as default, each level of province increase gold bars gained thought taxation by 1.

Tax Type Gold Bars Leadership Guild and Temple Taxation
None 0 +4 0
Light 1d3-2 0 +1 GB
Moderate 1d3 -4 +2 GB
Severe 1d3+2 -8 +3 GB

You should note that all holdings level up as the Province levels up.

Holding Initial Cost Upkeep Bonus per Level (up to 3)
Temple 1 GB 1 GB/Level +1d2 GB per level and Loyalty +1
Ley Line 0 1 GB/Level Allows for domain spells
Guild 1 GB 0 +1d3 GB per level. Can only exists in a town
Castle 6 GB 2 GB/Level +2 Loyalty per level
Fortress 3 GB 1 GB/Level Houses 3 army units and cuts their upkeep cost in half
Court 3 GB 1 GB/Level Loyalty adjustments 1d6-4 (+1 bonus per level)
Treasury 3 GB 1 GB Holds twice the level of all your provinces in GB

Army per Units
The Special category Includes elite special forces, a spy network, knights, and so on.

Type Initial Cost Upkeep Bonus per Level (up to 3)
Footmen 1 GB 1 GB/Level
Archers 3 GB 1 GB/Level
Calvary 3 GB 2 GB/Level
Special 6GB 2 GB/Level

Loyalty Random Event (1d20)

Your loyalty affects how you rule over a nation. Add your Loyalty Base from your charisma score to this roll, as well as any other factors such as proficiencies and class bonuses.

Roll Type Description
1 Rebellion No taxes can be collected in a rebelling province. Province level is degraded by one.
2 Great Captain A lieutenant has taken control of the province. Military actions incite the province into rebellion. No taxes can be collected in the province
3 Heresy Spend 1d6 extra gold bars in province upkeep cost. Military actions incite the province into rebellion. 10% chance to incite rebellion per month of heresy
4 Matter of Justice All collected taxes in the province are cut in half. Military actions incite the province into rebellion
5 Corruption A criminal element usurps financial control. All collected taxes in the province are cut in half. 10% chance to incite rebellion per month of corruption
6 Unrest Spend 2d6 extra gold bars in province upkeep cost
7 Crime Spend 1d6+2 extra gold bars in province upkeep cost
8 Assassination An important figure is assassinated. 50% chance to cause Unrest
9 Feud Two (or more) important families fight each other. No taxes can be collected in a feuding province
10-13 Brigands Internal or external enemies threaten the province. Spend 1d6 extra gold bars in province upkeep cost
14-16 Monsters Supernatural creatures threaten the province. Spend 1d4 extra gold bars in province upkeep cost
17-19 No event Nothing happens
20+ Great Wealth An unexpected amount of wealth comes to you (+1d6 GB)

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Domain Rules

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