Fear and Madness

In the world of Atoria, fear and madness are just as lethal as a blade to the guts. With the theme of cosmic evil, one must fortify ones mind and soul just as well as they would their body against the horrors that plague the world.

Horrors and Relief
When in a prolonged bloody campaign that would cause your character to question his humanity, encountering an otherworldly horror that assaults your mind, or some other maddening situation the PC would need to make an appropriate madness check (Wisdom x 3 + Intelligence + Level = %) to stave off the effects. These checks are not constant, and are often only required once per game. Should you fail a check, one random madness may be chosen. This malady will be chosen by the player, as the system is meant to enhance the setting and overall player experience. As these are roleplayed, the penalties are lessened.

Madness What happens
Horror (Fear) The victim is mentally scarred of whatever has transpired, and may lead to: irrational actions taken, mania, melancholia, amnesia, or delirium. These last 3d4 days
Paranoia (Fear) The victim is convinced of enemies at every turn, unable to trust allies
Attraction/Masochism (Fear) Your character is drawn to your fears as a coping mechanism
Unique Minded (Fear) Your characters temporarily changes alignment, as their world-view gets skewed
Hallucinatory Insanity (Fear) The victim sees things from another dimension converge with our own, distracting the victim into loss of action
Nightmare (Fear) The victim suffers from night terrors, preventing your bodies natural healing 2/3rds of the time
Living Schizophrenia (Magic, Cosmic) This allows an alien intelligence to take up residence in your mind, and will mentally fight you for control
Living Phobia (Magic, Cosmic) A phobia manifest itself, warping reality to make your fears come to life
Living Delusions (Magic, Cosmic) An involuntary narrative exist in the characters mind, creating unique characters and places that manifest in the real world. These narratives have 1/3rd of their normal hit points
Elder Horror (Magic, Cosmic) An invasive cosmic horror follows the victim

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Fear and Madness

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