Local Graemoor History: Graemorians
The Graemorians have been beaten down by many magical catastrophes and powers bent on the corruption of man. But though it all the humans of Graemoor keep on going, and fighting these threats when ever they rear their ugly heads. The people are broken into two groups; one are the chaotic frontiersmen who regularly need to take the law into their own hands and the lawful city-folk who prove to be an industrious bunch.

Many lands in Graemoor employ slavery and hire mercenaries from afar, mixing their blood with foreigners. This is not considered taboo, mainly because greed out-weighs any irrational fear that can hope to spread. However there is one irrational (or rational, depending on your point of view) fear that has taken root in their culture. The fear of magic. Mages have harmful contact with the outside powers that lead to civilizations ruin, and thus heretic examiners are created by powerful religious groups to thwart out spell casters. Or sometimes Rangers, Fighters, and even Thieves take interest in hunting such casters for wealth promised.

The Graemorians are an industrious people, taking advantage of technology. They are the only civilization in Atoria that is rapidly advancing towards renaissance era technology. Although gunpower does not work in this world, ‘smokepower’ the magical variant, does exist and nobles who wish to dominate their neighbors invest heavily into weapons that take advantage of this magical powder.

From the far reaches of Alkrash and even Kaiming, an all-too common practice is slavery. Most lands in the world use slaves for cheap labor, and a few (mostly in Alkrash) lands allow slaves to own land and gain citizenship after five years and marriage to a native. Most slaving however propagates from the jungle lands of Maeveena.

Dream Tonic
A drug made from the root of the kaminesh plant found exclusively in Maeveena. This drug is classified as a narcotic and very popular due to its ease of creation and transportation.

Graemoor is broken into multiple distinct regions: The Old World in ruins, the cursed Fangbor Isle, the fallen elven forest of the Aethern Isle, The Starlight Coast (Isle), and the Wrothford Plains in the eye of the storm (Isle).

Local Graemorian History: The Old World (Graemoor)
The Old World <=Link
The ‘old world’ as it’s known, is a broken patch of continental land dated back from earlier times when the old powers made pacts with other worldly powers. This is where the Acheron power-base once stood, and it was here that slaves revolted and broke the continent, sending most of it plummeting into the ocean. Today the land is conquered by opportunists and dreamers alike, trying to become the next power to be reckoned with.

A notable city-state is the port city of Lexford, which deals in slavery and narcotics such as dream tonic. Tobacco and wheat are grown nearby, and metalwork is plenty due to the rich veins of ores from the nearby storm peak mountains. Connecting it all is the bedlam river, a raging river with strong currents.

Local Graemorian History: Fangbor Isle
Fangbor isle is covered in a collection of oak trees that have undergone strange coloring due to corruption of the land with hilly peaks. The Norn forest (sometimes known as the autumn forest) is a beautifully discolored oak forest in red and orange hues. Dangers lurk in these woods, especially where the forest grows unnaturally dark. Some strange creatures live in this forest and citizens are often told to not venture there alone. The port city of Belfort lies here off of the main river called temple, for its many stone ruins with columns protruding from the waters.

Local Graemorian History: Aethern Isle
The ancient high and gray elven homeland. This land was connected to Graemoor proper, however since the breaking of Acheron, the surrounding lands sank into the ocean. Now an island, Aethern stands a ghost of what it was in its height. Many elves today feel the presence of dark powers here and because of this have abandoned it, believing it to be unredeemable. Today the cities of the high and gray elven peoples are either inhabited by humans who use its ancient walls for fortification, or abandoned and covered with natural overgrowth.

Local Graemorian History: The Starlight Coast (Isle)
The temperate locale of the Graemoors, the starlight coast broke off from the mainland and drifted the farthest, nearing Alkrash. Now the region boasts the best weather and crop growth in all of Graemoria. Due to this, the island is heavy contested by fellow Graemorians and even invaders from Alkrash.

Local Graemorian History: Wrothford Plains
Another major continental piece that broke off from the main land, this land sits the farthest north of any of the graemorian lands. Here the landmass sits in the maelstrom, a supernatural prevalent storm that brings harsh blizzards in winter and brutal summer monsoons year round. Although this landmass is quite large, not many are willing to embrace its unforgiving climate.

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