House Rules

  • Once a game every character gains Piety after character creation. Piety allows the player to have one of their rolls be a number of their choosing. A critical hit or auto-hit cannot be attained, however a number can. For example, the character may get a 20 for a hit roll. However this 20 is not a ‘natural 20’ and does not receive the natural 20 rulings. Instead its just a number and is treated as such.
  • You can save proficiency slots for later use.
  • All races have unlimited level advancement. Humans now have their own unique advantages.
  • All races have new minimum/maximum ability score caps.
  • Humans may now multiclass into Fighter/Mage, Fighter/Thief, or Fighter/Mage/Thief.
  • Demihumans may now dual class.
  • Specialist wizards, General Clerics, Bards, and Druid classes do not exists.
  • Thieves may backstab more than once during combat. This is allowed when their victim is prone, blinded, or otherwise cut off-guard.
  • Ranged attacks from guns, bows, and crossbows provoke an attack of opportunity unless you possess means to block or specialized dodge mechanic against incoming blows (such as a buckler, melee weapon attachment, or the martial art ranged tactician).
  • Specialization bonuses from melee apply to all ranged weapons as well.
  • Firearm open-ended damage increases in chance depending on skill level. Specialist increase their chance by 1 (6 or better), while high mastery increases it by one more point (5 or better).
  • Mace, Flail, and Hammer tight group weapons ignore the first 3 points of all pure or partial metal armors AC.

From the book Player’s Options: Combat and Tactics
Use Chapter 4: Weapon Specialization & Mastery
Use Chapter 6: Critical Hits (Using the Critical Hits: System I)
Use Chapter 7: Weapons & Armor

Most lore from the following books are used
The Complete Book of Dwarves
The Complete Book of Elves
The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings
The Complete Paladin’s Handbook
The Complete Ranger’s Handbook
Sages and Specialists

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House Rules

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