Redeemer (Priest)

Ability Requirements: Strength 12
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 13
Prime Requisites: Strength, Wisdom
Races Allowed: Any
Alignment Allowed: Any Good
Armor: Any; Shield permitted
Weapons: Any
Proficiency Groups: General, Priest
Special Abilities: Spells and Spellcasting Ability
Bonus Spells
Veneration of a Power

Since the cataclysm, the races have been cut off from the normal divine power of the gods as found in many campaign settings. However, the gnomish people have discovered a way for an individual to be contacted by a powerful patron deity. Although the gnomes of the world have hid in exile from the madness that has overtaken the lands, they have gifted the people of Atoria with these secrets in hopes to redeem themselves. This artificial connection is created by the character with both arcane and divine rituals, but controlled by the patron god, and thus not forced up them. As such, the individual creating the connection must still prove their worth.

These kind of priest are called Redeemers, and are the campaigns specialty priest that relinquishes a portion of their life-force to make a connection to one of their chosen gods. The most popular of these priest are those devoted to Corellon Larethian (Elven greater power), Yondalla (Halfling greater power), Moradin (Dwarven greater power), Anubis (Egyptian lesser power), Vishnu (Vedic greater power), Amaterasu/Tsuki-Yomi (Sanjin intermediate powers) and Vestal (intermediate power, female only).

A small order of redeemers exists in the world. They receive training in all weapons and armors, and are not restricted by their powers to bear any specific weapons/armors either. They live their shortened lives to heal the sick, punish the wicked, and redeem the world of Atoria by cleansing it of supernatural evil. If a redeemer makes it to 9th level and establishes a stronghold, they attract 2-12 level 0 potentials to become redeemers themselves. Some redeemers have their own formal title instead of redeemer.

And finally in order for the redeemer to establish an artificial connection to the outer planes and in turn the powers, the redeemer must make a sacrifice of life-force. He is robbed of one-quarter of his total years of life. The redeemer always knows when he has only one week of life left to live.

Spells and Spellcasting Ability
Like any other specialty priest, the redeemer gains priest spells. Due to their combat training, the redeemer priest spell selection is limited in scope and scale. The chart below shows when you can cast spells from cleric spheres (All, Charm, Guardian, Healing, Necromancy, and Protection). You may gain bonus spells from a high wisdom score. These may allow you to cast these bonus spells at level one. Each even level past 12th grants one additional 4th level slot.

Level 1 2 3 4
2 1 - - -
3 2 - - -
4 2 1 - -
5 3 1 - -
6 3 2 1 -
7 4 2 1 -
8 4 3 2 1
9 4 3 2 1
10 4 4 3 2
11 4 4 3 2
12 4 4 4 3

Bonus Spells
As a redeemer, you gain the following powerful bonus spells that can aid others. These should only be given out when it helps the cause of you and your god.

  • Six times a day, you may cast any of the cure line of healing spells you have access too. At level 14, you may cast cure critical wounds.
  • Once a day, you may cast Heal.
  • Once a week, you may cast Atonement.
  • Once a season, you may cast Resurrection without applying its penalty upon the caster.

Veneration of a Power
Choose one god to venerate. This becomes a pact between yourself and the respective god and all they hold sacred. Betrayal of the power or its values strips you of your powers.

  • Those who venerate Yondalla, The Protector, gain the ability to taunt as the 1st level wizard spell, and may do so three times a day. At 10th level, your opponents save at half their level. They also gain the ability to cast augury as an innate ability once a day, and its wisdom is sound.
  • Those who venerate Corellon Larethian, King of the Seldarine, gain the ability to cast cure light wounds three times a day as an innate ability with a +10 bonus. At 10th level, this ability changes to cure serious wounds with a +30 bonus.
  • Those who venerate Moradin, Soul Forger, gain the ability to throw a specially crafted war hammer that returns upon being thrown. This acts as a returning weapon with an 3 point increase in each thrown range category. Also, any magical war hammer may gain this property as well.
  • Those who venerate Anubis, Judge of the Dead, gain the Holy power ability below for free. Secondly, if you choose to buy the Holy power ability anyway, it gives the caster the ability to heal a target party member for four times your level in points of healing when successfully used against an enemy (ally must be within 120’ feet of you). And finally, the redeemer may also call down an AoE column of fire with the use of their holy symbol and incantation, in a range of 120’ feet and targeted 10’ foot radius dealing 1d8 fire damage per level, up to 12d8 fire damage. This spell must be memorized as a 4th level spell.
  • Those who venerate Vishnu, the Preserver, have an aura of protection from evil as the spell. This zone radiates in a 120’ foot diameter on the redeemer and targets all allies.
  • Those who venerate Amaterasu/Tsuki-Yomi, The Sun and Moon, are warrior-priest who gain a +2 to melee hit and damage rolls with the following weapons and styles: Atemi, Nagimaki, Naginata, Hankyu, and Daikyu. These priest are known as Sohei, and must always wear white and black.
  • Those who venerate Vesta, Flame of the Hearth, gain the ability to create an aureate crest behind the head of the vestal, providing illumination within 60’ feet in all directions. Evil creatures within the light take a -2 penalty to attack rolls and saving throws (no save). This lasts up to one hour and can be done at-will. These priest are known as Vestals; an all-female order that must cover up most of their skin in public and take a vow of chastity for 30 years.

The Redeemer uses Priest Experience Points, Thac0, Saving Throws, and Proficiency Slots

The following below are the details of customizing a specialty priest (specialty priest are custom created by the DM where none exist, such as the Druid). A Redeemer character has 55 character points to purchase skills below. Skills cost 5 to 15 points. Any unspent points may be used to purchase proficiency slots at a rate of 5 points each.

Spells and Spellcasting Ability (30): Although not necessary, spellcasting abilities are considered core to the class.
Bonus Spells (0): This core ability must be taken in order to play the redeemer priest.
Veneration of a Power (0): This core ability must be taken in order to play the redeemer priest.
Holy power (10): With a symbol of your religion in hand, you can command a bolt of electricity to spring forth from your holy symbol to attack one enemy target. The bolt travels in a line up to 120’ feet, dealing 1d6 electricity damage per level, up to 6d6 damage (save vs. spells for half damage).
Holy language (15): Your healing and damage spells add an extra +2 points per character level in potency. These add a verbal and somatic component to all those spells heightened, and also add an extra 3 casting time.
Battle commander (10): As a standard action, you magically bless one friendly ally with an extra standard action. This action takes place immediately, and provides the recipient with the equivalent of a +3 magical undead bane weapon. If the recipient already has a magical weapon, then only the highest magical bonus is taken (does not stack).
Combat healer (10): Your successful attacks heal one other party member for two times your level in hit points within 60’ feet of yourself. You can do this multiple times a round, and only in combat situations deemed appropriate by the DM.
Medical expertise (5): You gain a +2 bonus towards your healing and herbalism proficiencies.
Warrior bonus (5): The redeemer with this ability can enjoy the benefits of a high Strength and Constitution scores as if he were a fighter.
Combat bonus (10): The redeemer gains the use of the warrior thac0 chart.
Increased hit points (10): The redeemer gains 1d10 hit points per hit dice instead of 1d8.
Weapon specialization (15): The redeemer with this ability can specialize in one weapon. The character proficiency slot needed to be spent in order to gain proficiency in the first place as well as an extra slot to specialize must be met in addition to this abilities cost.

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Redeemer (Priest)

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