Soul Enchantments

Through the death of the gods came the magic sundering. Magic items of +1 and +2 worth automatically disenchanted, as well as almost all but the strongest miscellaneous magic items. Those +3 or greater suffered a -2 to their enchantment, and many abilities stripped from them.

There has been one way mages found to create permanent magical effects after the magic sundering. Mages discovered soul enchantments. Enchantments that have a reoccurring pattern (Lattice) or a magic seal. Your soul has house up to three of these enchantments. A thaumaturge cuts the cost of these soul enchantments by half.

The spells needed as well as the material cost are all written below:

Seal of Holy Union
Cost: 5,000
Spells Cast: Protection from Evil
This allows the recipient to have Protection from Evil upon them at all times. If dispelled the dispel will only last 1d4 rounds.

Lattice of Safety Guard
Cost: 5,000
Spells Cast: Protection from Evil
This allows the recipient to automatically save against a condition that they have otherwise failed to save against. On top of that, the recipient is also immune to said status ailment for 24 hours.

Seal of the Black Sight
Cost: 10,000
Spells Cast: Infravision
This allows the recipient to have dark vision upon them at all times. If dispelled the dispel will only last 1d4 rounds. This curses the recipient with solid black eyes.

Seal of the Spider Voice
Cost: 12,500
Spells Cast: ESP
This allows the recipient to have ESP upon them at all times. If dispelled the dispel will only last 1d4 rounds. This curses the recipient with being mute, however you now speak in a voice that every spider can understand.

Lattice of the Spider
Cost: 12,500
Spells Cast: Web
This allows the recipient to cast Web once every 6 rounds as a breath weapon (save vs. breath weapon) or through a magic orifice that splits open their hands (save vs. wands, 1d6 health loss). This curses the recipient with a permanent animal friendship effect that applies to common spiders around him in a 20’ foot radius.

Lattice of the Waterborn
Cost: 25,000
Spells Cast: Water Breathing; Haste
This allows the recipient to cast Water Breathing and Free Action simultaneously once every 6 rounds. The duration on this combined ability is 1/hr. level, and the Free Action spell only applies to free movement in water. It does nothing else. This curses the recipient with gills, small webbed effect upon the ears, fingers and toes, and a slight discoloration of skin color to that of a pale white and blue hue.

Seal of Obfuscation
Cost: 25,000
Spells Cast: Non-Detection
This allows the recipient to have Non-Detection and Undetectable Alignment upon them at all times. Also, the recipient cannot make use of Detect Scrying or Magic Mirror spells. Cannot be dispelled.

Lattice of Unhallowed Death
Cost: 50,000
Spells Cast: Contagion; Animate Dead
This allows the recipient to cast a special form of Animate Dead once every 6 rounds as a touch attack. If the victim fails a saving throw vs. death, the victim writhes in agony for 1d4 turns (helpless). After which the victim dies and becomes an intelligent (9 intellect) zombie under the recipient’s control. Only the recipients max # of henchmen can be controlled this way, and each one’s hit dice is equal to 2/3rds the recipients level. Each zombie has an 18 strength, 2 AC, and may wield any weapon with proficiency.

Seal of Health
Cost: 50,000
Spells Cast: Cure Disease; Cure Blindness or Deafness
This allows the recipient to be protected from poison, disease, curses and insanity by granting a +4 saving throw bonus. This also allows a save where one would not normally be allowed, but without the +4 bonus. Cannot be dispelled.

Seal of Fear
Cost: 75,000
Spells Cast: Fear
You project an aura of darkness and fear that causes enemies to take a -2 penalty to all attack rolls, AC, and saving throws within a 20’ ft. radius. This curses the recipient with a zone of chilling shadow.

Seal of Revival
Cost: 75,000
Spells Cast: Passwall; Raise Dead; Advanced Illusion
This allows your body to fade away when you die (HP damage, petrification, loss of body, ability damage, and so on) leaving nothing but a non-magical copy of the items you had on hand. After 24 hours, you resurrect within a planetary range with all your items you possessed before death. This power can only be used once every 15 years.

Seal of Anti-magic
Cost: 125,000
Spells Cast: Globe of Invulnerability, Dispel Magic
Grants a +30% base magic resistance chance, and extends your natural magic resistance in a 15’ radius (if any), cancelling magic spell enchantments and granting magic resistance against area spells.

Seal of Living Death
Cost: 125,000
Spells Cast: Animate Dead, Enervation, Death Spell
Your character has undergone a unholy ritual (cannot be any good alignment) that allows him to be imbued with living vampirism. You retain all your normal mortal senses, breath, and pulse. However you can now be starved or asphyxiated to death. You increase in power with age as a normal vampire does (see chapter 3 of Van Richten’s Guide to Vampires). Also, you gain immunity from being turned/controlled for any reason. All other strengths/weaknesses of vampirism (including undead status and destruction in sunlight) apply. Cannot be dispelled or removed.
You cannot create vampire thralls, however you can have dampyr children. These children can increase in power by age, as you do.

Lattice of Second Chances
Cost: 515,000
Spells Cast: Wish
Cast Wish upon defeat and resets all health and memorized spells lost. 24 hour recast time.

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Soul Enchantments

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