The Old World


The Arenbur Domains

The Arenbur domains are ruled by the Arenbur house, who are known as established traders and lenders. The house owns all the domains that are described below. This venerable house also has in their possession a magical set of armor that greatly enhances those of the Arenbur bloodline. It is with this armor that the house has become famous, as one generation uses the armor and another and so on.

Lexford Proper
The main city of the Arenbur strongholds, Lexford city reaches a population of 65,000 during the summer months and boasts major trade in wheat, dry goods, livestock, alchemical products (such as smokepowder), iron, wine, and tobacco. It is here that trade is established and the Arenbur fortune grows. The stone walled portion of the city is divided into the common ward where trade and goods are established (80% of the city), the civil ward where Arenbur and the troops are garrisoned (5% of the city), and the foreign ward where those with gold stay and are protected (10% of the city). Architecture in the city is unrefined and made for the sake of functionality. Roads are cobblestone while most buildings have a stone base and support. Lexford city also boast a sewer system that are maintained by workers. Just outside the city walls are the docks and its common ward, which more represents a slum of wooden planks and dirt roads.

South of Lexford is the failed city of Derenport; a bleak city overrun by undead some 50 years ago. Considered the greatest failure of the Arenbur house, this city now reeks of necrotic influence that no warrior or wizard has been able to cleanse. Now home to zombies and skeletons far stronger that normal, the undead threat are currently walled in the ruined city, unable to escape. No permanent means of eradicating the undead currently exists. Rumors of pirates using the city are also known (local history).

Crothford Settlements, Crothford Farms, Crothford Plains
The plains and the dwellings an farmlands that dot the landscape are considered three major domains, and the collection of taxes is where the Arenbur gather a great amount of strength and loyalty. Although typically serene and protected by the local militia and religion of Vesta, there are dangers that crop up here and there. Invading marauder demihumans and undead are a very real threat, such that the military constantly patrols the farmlands and hires out elite mercenaries to deal with such problems.

Newland Coast
Just south of Lexford is the city of Khemil and the bordering Newland coast, a stop for foreign traders who have made a name for themselves trading slaves from Alkrash. There they are known to deal in the trade of silk, spices, salt, mercenary forces, paper, medicine, and the illegal distribution of opium and dreamtonic. The roads here are dirt roads with Anubian architecture, that is, clay buildings reinforced by alchemy.

Just east of the city lies the Dreadmire forest: a great source of the logging of pine trees. During half the year, a strange supernatural winter storm covers the forest, making logging nearly impossible without additional resources.

The Bogland Domains

The frightful Bogland domains are home to all manner of stories and supernatural events. It is here that Witches and Rangers come at odds from time to time, but for the most part protect the swamp.

Raven Moors
Before ascending into the swamp you’ll have to cross into the raven moors. This area was deforested 50 years ago by the late Drake Arenbur and now is home to vengeful witches who see the Arenbur as a blight. Fog banks roll in at all odd hours and there is a sense of dread in the air. This land also boasts 90% precipitation that blot out the sun. It is rumored that a coven of witches ‘rule’ the Boglan domains from somewhere in this location (local history).

Bogland Swamp
Past the moors you’ll encounter the bogland swamp itself. This very large swamp boasts rich wildlife and vegetation, while the bedlam river runs though the swamp and up into the peak mountain range. There are few settlements in the swamp. Some settlements are temporary, created for trade then abandoned when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

One such settlement that sees its fair share of traders (and is still populated most of the year) is called Pine Thicket. This town is built upon rocks that were hauled from the peak mountains, and buildings are structured around the giant cypress trees that grow around the river bedlam. The architecture is one of modern wooden buildings, primarily made from the pine that is imported from the Black Forest treeline.

Black Forest

Up past the bogland swamp, the treeline of pines begin. These pines are the staple of the Castomira domains, and its from there that lumber is hauled via small, sturdy ships that make their way down the bedlam river, into the Arenbur domains.

The Bedlam River and River Rapids

The bedlam river is a dark river that runs from the peak mountain range in the Castomira domains down into the bogland swamps, then rips though the moors, then past the crothford plains, and finally emptying into the stormhaven ocean. There are small, reinforced boats that river captains ferry to haul lumber from the Black forest on down to the Crothford settlements for use. The rapids are known for their dangers, and often profitable captains hire extra muscle to keep them safe from monstrous incursion.

The Whiterun Domain

Whiterun Cliffs
North of the Arenbur domains lie the lands of Whiterun: an abandoned colony of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonium. The land is vast in plains and moors, rich in peat and minerals. Ancient Cairn stone monuments are found thoughout the plains and 40’ foot cliff-sides. Whiterun gets its name from the long cliff-sides made of limestone that erode slowly over the decades. The fiercest winds are found in this land, and it rains often. Great fishing can be found when worked by the right deep-sea boats.

The settlers established a colony some 50 years ago. When the troubles of plague and undead incursion occuredwithin the city of Derenport, trade from that city brought a plague to Whiterun. The colony never recovered from the foul black death plague, and now only supports would-be usurpers to conquer and make Whiterun their own.

The Castomira Domains

Not all the lands are occupied by normal human rulers. The Castomira domains are held in power by the sorceress Queen Castomira: part of a long line of ruthless alchemical vampire aristocracy. Her children rule different sub-domains with the title of Lord or Lady. With Castomiras’ considerable wealth, power, and experience, she is often never contested within her own domains. She may have already attempted to conquer the rest of the old world if not for her war against the Gorg’mor’ak filth that threatens to destroy everything in the old world.

Ravenholm County
The most northern reach and elder estate of the Castomira domains, this is where the capital of the domain resides and home to the vampiric aristocracy. The bedlam river converges here and heads south, simply called south bedlam.

Saginia County

Asatin County

Camin Hold
A joint-venture between Arenbur and Castomira, both allies fund Camin Hold with resources and troops when available to fight off the Gorg’mor’ak invasion. The location protects the Gorg’mor’ak forces from lauching a full-scale invasion into Arenbur lands while prtecting Castomiran trade caravans and lumber trade. Some of the most talented warrior companies can be found there, as well as some powerful wizardry.

Camin hold is a fortress city. Completely walled and defended, the city has taken punishment and has seen its fair share of conflict in the past 20 years. Now populated with over 5,000 soldiers and 20,000 support peasants, the fortress has gotten almost as big as any major city.

The Domains in Ruin


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