Unique Archetype


Ability Requirements: N/A
Prime Requisites: N/A
Races Allowed: N/A
Alignment Allowed: Any
Armor: Any; shield permitted
Weapons: Any
Proficiency Groups: General, and Two Others
Special Abilities: Archetype Abilities

This archetype is used to create a unique creature, class, or combination of both. Its a class created to be in line with power equal to the Mystic or Wizard.

Archetype Abilities

The archetype gains 20 discretionary points to spend on the following abilities below. These abilities are used to create a unique creature, but may also be used to create a unique class with powers for a PC of one of the normal playable races. Purchasing the rightmost point cost with a slash in between prices (5/12 or example) buys you the previous abilities described. So if something is worth 5/12, you get everything for 12 points.

Race (0/3 points)
Below are racial abilities found in many races. You may choose any one of the regular races to play, or select from a generic package below: Some abilities are treated as powerful abilities and must be upgraded by spending points.

Racial Ability Requirements
Ability Unique Archetype
Strength 3/18
Dexterity 3/20
Constitution 3/20
Intelligence 3/20
Wisdom 3/20
Charisma 3/20

Generic package includes the following below:

  • +1 to one ability score
  • Low-light vision
  • Two extra proficiencies
  • +1 to hit points per hit dice
  • +1 to saving throws
  • Small-size optional

Choose from two abilities below (3 points):

  • Darkvision
  • Breathe Underwater
  • Surprised on a 1
  • Infravision 240’ feet
  • Tremorsense 240’ feet

Combat Prowess (8 points)
This is characterized in creatures that have some combat affinity, while others have multiple natural attacks (claw, claw, bite). Choose from three below:

  • Your race has a claw, claw, bite attack sequence. As a medium-sized creature your damage would be 1d3, 1d3, 1d4, respectively.
  • Your race has a singular rake (foot claws that ‘rake’ once you have a hold of an opponent) attack ability. You must hit with two other melee attacks to use this ability. The rake deals 2d4 damage.
  • Your race has two wing buffet (use of wings to ‘slap’ your opponent) attacks that deals 1d4 damage (left and right). Can only be employed against attackers (up to three) that are fighting from the left or right side of the character.
  • Your race employs a tail slap (must be from a strong tail like a lizard, not one like a lion) that deals 2d4 damage to rear enemies (up to three).
  • Your race has a serpentine lower body, increasing movement by +6, cutting vertical jumping distance by half, and allowing a constricting attack should you succeed in a grapple check. Constricting deals 2d6 damage per round, and prevents the opponent from engaging in melee with medium or large weapons and the traditional casting of spells. Opposing strength checks are required to maintain the grapple.
  • You gain a +2 to hit and damage bonus.
  • You gain a +1 bonus to AC and a 2 point weapon speed bonus.
  • Your race gains a heightened awareness in battle, gaining a +2 to AC and tremorsense 20’ feet.
  • Your race is supernaturally fast, and gains an extra attack a round.

Thief Abilities (2/3 points)
When this is purchased, the archetype gains two thief abilities. Each ones percentage is equal to half the archetypes intelligence score + dexterity score + 2x his level. You can boost these two abilities by 40 discretionary points for one additional point.

Innate Ability (5/12 points)
You have the power, similar to a wizard, to cast powerful innate abilities at-will. These all function as their spells, however they need no components nor are affected by spell interruption. Initiative times on innate abilities is a 3 and is affected by reaction time (dexterity).

The following are at-will innate abilities that constitute the 5 point version of Innate Ability. Choose from three permanent, at-will abilities below (5 point ability):

  • Telekinesis
  • Detect Magic, Traps, Poison, and Undead
  • Detect Alignment
  • Detect Lies
  • Alter Self
  • Polymorph Self (one creature)
  • Speak with Animals
  • Charm Person (only one victim at a time)
  • ESP (communicate with any intelligent creature)

The following below are talents and spellcasting powers available as the 12 point version of Innate Ability (12 point ability).

As the 12 point version, you may cast innate damaging spells of great power. Piece together a spell on the fly utilizing the two charts below. Choose from one damage type and one range type to create a spell. Spells have an associated cost. This cost is put together to create the spells total cost. Points are gained every round at a rate of 2 points. You can hold up to 10 + your level in points at any time.

Cost Damage Effect
0 1d6/level (4d6 cap) Damage type (fire, cold, or electricity)
1 1d6/level Damage type (fire, cold, or electricity)
1 1d4/level Slowed, save (cold)
2 1d4/level Stunned, save (electricity)
Cost Range Area
0 25’ + 10’ feet/level Single target
1 25’ + 10’ feet/level Line
2 5’ + 5’ feet/level 2x range Cone
3 25’ + 10’ feet/level 20’ ft. AoE
3 0 30’ ft. PBAoE
4 60’ ft. 30’ ft. Wave
4 25’ + 10’ feet/level 20’ ft. AoE for 4 rounds
4 25’ + 20’ feet/level Multiple targets (up to 8)

The following talents on the chart below are gained if you meet the following prerequisite ability scores.

Prerequisite Effect
INT 9 Gain a +2 bonus to save against magic.
WIS 12 Half your wisdom score gives additional points to cast spells
INT. 19 Increase casting level by 1
WIS. 20 Heal one point per dice of damage dealt

Extraordinary Defenses (8 points)
With so many extraordinary defenses, they are simply broken down in terms of game mechanics. Examples include inhuman quickness, short-range teleport, shrouded in a thick fog, flight, and so on. Each category listed here is broken onto the mechanical defense and a movement bonus.

Primary Defense Description
50% miss chance All attacks and traveling missile spells need to bypass this in order to hit their target
+5 AC, +2 to saving throws, 30% + 2% SR per Level All-around anti-spell defenses
+7 AC, +3 to saving throws, +2 to attack and damage rolls All-around combat bonuses
-5 damage per weapon dice, +4 to saving throws vs. breath weapon and magic, -10 + twice your level in non-physical damage negated per source All-around damage mitigation defenses
Movement Description
Flight Equal to 24 movement, B class
Teleport Equal to 12 movement per round
Fast Movement Move at +8 your movement, are always affected by a jump spell effect, and never fatigue (need 3x less food/drink)

Special Defenses (5 points)
Each archetype can be a combination of races that exists in the multiverse. Therefore, the archetype are known to have special defenses that are found within the animal and magical kingdoms. Your archetype may choose from two of the following below:

  • Resistance: Resist five of the following types of attacks: Acid, Fire (normal), Fire (magical), Cold, Electricity, Poison, Gas, and Magic Missile. When you purchase this once, you take half damage from the element. By purchasing it twice you become immune to that element. Only five total purchases my be made.
  • Weapon Immunity: This makes the archetype need to be hit by a +1 or better magical weapon. Supernatural creatures 7+ HD may still harm the archetype as normal.
  • Mental Immunity: This will make the archetype immune to any spells and effects that attack the mind such as charm, suggestion, and mind blast spells. You will still be susceptible to Psychic damage, when applicable.

Magic Essence (8 points)
This monstrous archetype possesses the ability to weave magic to perform minor miracles, including possessing the most potent version of crafting magical items in the game. Each day, the archetype gains 1d3 points per day to spend on various abilities below.

Crafting Type Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Armor 40 80 110
Weapon 40 80 110
Ring 80 150 285
Wondrous 80 150 285

Note: The item must be crafted by normal means by the archetype and be made to look unique.

Other Abilities Description Cost
Sustenance Become well-fed by consuming magical energy 1
Mundane Crafting Acts as a refined version (mixing two or more elements) of the fabricate spell 5
My Home Creates a permanent abode that acts as a refined version (mixing two or more elements) of the spell Leomund’s Secure Shelter. Only one may be crafted at a time. 5
Light Source You have the equivalent of one active faerie fire spell at once for 24 hours 1
Charming Chemically influence reactions by one step. Can only be done once every five minutes. Does not work in the middle of combat 1

Note: All abilities are cast as a 9th level wizard.


Each archetype must select one and only one specialization from the list below.

  • Warrior’s Resolve: First, your character gains the warrior Thac0 chart. Secondly, your character may break the thac0 limit (up to -5).
  • Casting Might: If your Intelligence score is 17 and above, your character may cast two spells per round. If your Wisdom score is 17 and above, your character deals an additional +1 damage per dice with damaging innate abilities.
  • Empowered Being: You gain an extra 10 points to spend on unique archetype abilities.

Unique Archetype Experience Table

Level U. A. Hit Dice (d8)
1 0 1
2 4,000 2
3 9,000 3
4 15,000 4
5 30,000 5
6 60,000 6
7 127,500 7
8 262,500 8
9 525,000 9
10 1,050,000 10
11 1,575,000 10+2
12 2,100,000 10+4
13 2,625,000 10+6
14 3,150,000 10+8
15 3,675,000 10+10
16 4,200,000 10+12
17 4,725,000 10+14
18 5,250,000 10+16
19 5,775,000 10+18
20 6,300,000 10+22

The Unique Archetype uses Rogue Thac0
The Unique Archetype uses Warrior Saving Throws
The Unique Archetype uses Priest Proficiency Slots
The Unique Archetype gains extraordinary hit points from a high Strength score
The Unique Archetype gains extraordinary hit points from a high Constitution score

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Unique Archetype

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