World of Ruin

The world of Atoria was like any other in the multiverse. The world had its own pantheon of gods and villains, and numerous fantasy races abound. But what happens when such a world falls into ruin? Many millennia ago, the Company of the Watch looked over the races of man as Atoria’s native pantheon of gods. In a terrible invasion, the immortal gods died in a horrific battle against cosmic, alien horrors from beyond the sea of stars. The world was then thrown into chaos: whole continents broke apart as if to grieve, and all the civilized races were left broken by the invading powers.

The world has, unfortunately, continued to slip into entropy. With the world unable to heal due to cosmic influence, humanity and the races of halflings, dwarves, and elves try to survive and perhaps one day thrive in this new World of Ruin.

The World of Ruin campaign is set in AD&D 2nd edition, with heavy customization on classes and options. These tweaks to the rules and options are specifically tailored to the campaign setting in order to bring the world of ruin to life. This game deals with themes like cosmic horror and madness, as well as fighting against bleak cultures and standards that deal in slavery, inequality, and corruption.


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World of Ruin

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