Adventuring -n- Alchemical Tech

Adventuring Gear

With the need of humanity to survive the new horrors of the world, there have been advances in merging magic and technology. Namely the Alchemy and Herbalist proficiencies.

Item Cost (GP) Description
Adventuring Backpack 3 g This set of gear is a specialized backpack with a release pin that allows you to drop your gear as a free action.
Silver Lantern 10 g (bullseye)/15 g (hooded) This alchemical lantern is made to hold glow gel and dispose of the leftover residue with ease.
Glow Gel 8 s/gal. The alchemical creation creates bright illumination and can be sliced off to fit into a silver lantern. Holds 36 charges of lantern illumination.
Flare 1 g This one-time use alchemical item creates 120’ ft. diameter of light for 1 turn by striking the black metal rod, which then glows with bight white light for 1 turn.
Master Tent 850 g This alchemical wonder is a 6 bulk point, 50 lb. tent that automatically folds out and locks into place in one round. The tent has one large central room (with an air opening for a fireplace), with six rooms outstretched from the tents outskirts. It takes one turn to fold up.
Medicine 10 g/week This allows for another saving throw against disease if taken during the week.

Specialty Armors

These specialty armors are made of unique materials found in the world of Atoria. Some of the armor types are alchemical armors that are created with the use of the alchemy and armorer proficiencies.

Armor Name AC Bonus Cost (GP) Description
Alchemical Mail and Plate 8 2,800 This is a combination of a plain gambeson, and alchenical chain hauberk and curiass, with regular arm and leg guards. This alchemical version weighs in at 20 lbs. and only takes two rounds to put on
Blessed Banded Armor 8 1,000 This inexpensive alternative to alchemical mail and plate provides incredible protection for its price, however it weighs the same as banded armor and takes two turns to put on
Elven Leather Armor 5 350 This waterproof head-to-toe leather armor is specially treated with alchemical oils. Provides enhanced mobility. Popular with well-to-do thieves.
Mithril Chain Shirt 7 1,500 This lightly linked chain shirt is made with mithril: a nigh-indestructible metal. Weighs 5 lbs and does not apply any penalty towards thief skills.

Alchemical Weapons

Created with the alchemy proficiency, these special weapons and weapon adaptations are found throughout the world since the sundering of magic and the founding of new magics. Although these weapons are, for the most part, not counted as magical weapons, they are animated by magic and can be enchanted to have magical properties a little bit easier than a mundane weapon. Being proficient in any of these weapons cost an additional one weapon proficiency slot.

Weapon Name Cost (GP) Size Dmg Type Speed Damage (M/L) Range ROF
Glaive 280 M S 4 1d6/1d8 4/8/12 2
Great Glaive 650 L S 8 2d6/3d6 12/24/36 1/2
Chain-whip Sword 560 M S 7 2d4/3d4 - -
Adaptive Rod 1,000 Varies - - - - -
Alabaster Gun 750 S P 8 1d10/1d10 5/10/15 1/2

Glaive: A one foot cross handle that has three inch curved blades at either end. This weapon acts as if it’s enchanted with the returning magical property.
Great Glaive: A large version of the glaive that spins like a propeller though the air, decimating multiple foes in one attack roll.
Chain-whip Sword: A deadly sword that can break apart in tiny-sized segments that form a whip.
Adaptive Rod: This weapon can mechanically morph into any six melee weapons of your choice a week. Proficiency in this weapon cost an extra three slots, however any specialization or mastery applies to anything the weapon morphs into.
Alabaster Gun: This horse pistol was created by the founder of the famous Alabaster Knights. Its a gun that creates 10d10 free shots every day.

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Adventuring -n- Alchemical Tech

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