Character Awards

Players may earn character awards in the place of most magic items. Character awards are gained by earning character points in game.

Combat Precision (20): Each time this is bought you earn a +1 bonus to hit and damage with all weapons. Cap on this bonus is +5.
Lay on the Hurt (10): Each time this is bought you earn a +1 bonus to damage with melee weapons. Cap on this bonus is +5.
Critical Intensity (50): On a successful critical hit, you deal an extra weapon dice of damage. This can be bought two times.
Arms Master (200): Your character gains one extra attack a round.
Evasive Maneuvers (20): Each time this is bought you gain a +1 bonus to dodge AC. Cap on this bonus is +5.
Armored (20): Each time this is bought you gain a +1 bonus to armor AC, regardless of actual armor worn. Cap on this bonus is +5.
Saving Grace (30): Each time this is bought you earn a +1 bonus to all saving throws. Cap on this bonus is +5.
Toughness (12): Each time this is bought you earn a +6 bonus to maximum hit points. Cap on this is +30 hit points.
Intense Training (50): Your character gains an extra point in one ability score of your choice. Cap on this bonus is +5 per ability score, and this bonus cannot exceed racial maximums.
Quick Study (10): Your character gains an extra proficiency slot. This cannot be purchased more than once a month of in-game time.
Determination (30): Through pure grit and determination, your character can heal half his hit points as a free action. This will not heal any condition, just hit points. This ability can be purchased up to 5 times.
Combat Fervor (30): Your character gain 1 point of healing every time he deals damage with any melee or missile attack. You heal three times the amount with a spell. Cap on this bonus is 5.
Heroic (100): Maximize hit points per level. This is a retroactive bonus.
Casting Master (200): Your character can cast two spells in one round.
True Magus (100): Memorize one additional spell per spell level. Enemies take a -1 penalty to their saves against your spells.
Battle Magus (20): Enemies take a -1 penalty to their saves against your damage spells. This penalty does not apply to special effects that these spells may apply, such as slow or stun from ice spells, and so on. Cap on this bonus is -5.
Wizardry (30): Your character may memorize double the amount of spells at first spell level. Each time you purchase this ability you gain double the memorized spells per each successive spell level (1st, 2nd, 3rd, ect.).
Researched (10): Your character may learn one spell of your choice. This cannot be purchased more than once a month of in-game time.
Cutter of the Cross-trade (100): Gain a +20% bonus to all thief skills your character knows.
Knight of the Post (60): Gain 60 points to distribute amongst what thief skills your character knows.
Demigod (999): Your character stops aging and reverts to a younger age (middle age if already older). Secondly your level translates to hit dice as a monster, as do your combat parameters (Thac0, saving throws, unless otherwise better). And finally all your ability scores are set to 25.

Instead of mage specializations, the following are themed powers that dominate the new brutal landscape and represent the new order of magic in Atoria. The following are a list of specialized powers for the mage class. Only two such powers may be taken at a time.
Eyes of the Awakened (100)
You may look into the past of anyone you meet or know the past of any location you are in or see through scrying. This is a standard action and may take several rounds to know what you wish. While this happens, your character has glowing, solid white eyes and is effectively blind.
Patron to Evil (100)
Your character gains the ability to summon one least or lesser Ba’atezu, Tanar’ri, or Yugoloth as long as its hit dice do not exceed your own. This creature will serve you faithfully as if friendly (indifferent if your charisma is 10 or less, and enamored if your charisma is 16 or greater). While you have a fiend as a patron, you receive a -3 penalty to reaction/leadership rolls by permeating supernatural dread, and automatically shift animal reactions towards hostile. You may buy this ability again to gain three such infernal slaves. If so, your connection to them taxes your body, taking a permanent -3 penalty to your constitution score. Either way, your character must be evil aligned to take either.
Abjurers’ Curse (100)
Your mage gains a permanent -4 bonus to AC and the nondetection spell effect on him at all times. This effect is taxing on the body and the mage suffers a -2 penalty towards his saving throws vs. poison, disease, and petrification.
Chains of Enslavement (100)
Your character may cast a powerful version of charm person at-will. This version is an innate ability and the victim saves at half his level, and with a further -2 penalty to the save. Only one charm may be active at any time and its duration is indefinite unless the caster breaks the charm or is dispelled. Your character must be evil aligned.
Fabricate Nightmares (100)
As a standard action, your mage may cast a full sensory illusion of a nightmarish creature up to huge in size. This requires concentration, and the mage may choose to go invisible during this time. There is a 1% chance this illusion will be fabricated as real somewhere in the world with a Chaotic Evil alignment.
I am Death, Destroyer of Worlds (100)
Your character deals one additional spell dice damage every odd level with a damage spell or ability (if the spell increases by a ‘plus’ however, the spell instead increases by a similar ‘plus’ bonus). At 10th level, your dice damage increases by one step. You are cursed, and your physical attacks suffer half damage from now on.
Skeleton King (100)
If a mage, your character may cast a special form of Animate Dead. You must kill a medium-sized humanoid and use their bones in order to have one under your control (the flesh melts away from a deceased victim within one minute and is ready to animate). Only the casters max # of henchmen can be controlled this way, and each one’s hit dice is equal to 2/3rds your own level (rounded up). Each skeleton has an 18 strength, 2 AC, and gains five weapon proficiencies. The skeleton conjures forth any melee weapon you choose. This weapon is enchanted with deathly cold, as if it was a +3 magic cold weapon. They also gain 25 character award points per hit dice. While this power is in use, your character takes on a deathly pallor appearance and you take a -3 penalty to reaction/leadership rolls.

These powers are identical to the character creation additional powers and boons. You cannot have a duplicate of any one of these abilities, however boons your character does not have are now available for purchase.
Survivor (50): Gain a 2 point bonus to your base AC (does not stack with armor worn) and +1 to your saving throws.
Trial by Combat (50): Gain a +1 to your attack and damage rolls.
Toughness (50): Gain +2 hit points per level.
Veteran (50): Gain a +1 to hit points per level and a +1 to your damage rolls.
Evasive (50): Gain a 1 point bonus to your AC, and +1 to your saving throws.
Indomitable (100): First, your character gains an extra 10 hit points at first level. Secondly, the character may stay conscious and fight well into their negatives. He may fight at up to -20 hit points. Should they survive the battle while still in their negative hit points, they must make a save vs. death or begin to bleed out and fall unconscious (stabilization rules begin). If they succeed they are standing at 1 hit point.
Indestructible (100): You take half damage from physical blows of any sort. This ability cannot reduce damage below 1 point.
Combat Casting (100): First, you may cast touch spells at a 60’ foot + 5’ foot range per level. Second, you may also make a system shock check at -15% to resist losing a spell in combat due to damage. And finally, once every six rounds you may cast two spells in one round.
Free Action (100): You may take one additional action a round. You may make use of this ability once every three rounds, however the action you take must not be the same action you are already taking that round (cannot move twice, attack twice, cast a spell twice, ect).
Heroic Determination (100): Grants a full heal to your character once a day as a free action. For the next 3 rounds after activation, your character gains a +4 to hit, damage, saves, and AC.
Immunity (100): You may choose to be immune to three conditions, as follows on this list: Stun, Slow, Mind control (charm and domination-like abilities), Death spells (instant death effects), Unwanted transformations (polymorph, petrification), and Surprise.
Right of Rule (100): Be it in your nature to assert leadership, use other as resources to the best of your ability, or you simply have a knack for penny-pinching for the last bit of coin on a project, your character finds ways to gather more resources. Should you own a province, you gain the following: when in your tax phase you gain an extra +3 GB plus +1 GB per level of province.

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Character Awards

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