Native Evil

The Illithid colonies have never historically been a problem to the races of man. Many times in the past they aided the dark elves in conquest of the underdark. Sometimes there was infighting between the two races. That was all in the past however. With their competition routed during Acherons’ fall, the Illithid menace strengthens its forces and creates hybrids and royal versions of themselves, to conquer not only all the underdark and oceans, but also the surface world.

Royal Illithid
Alignment: LE
Hit Dice: 12+48
Intelligence: Genius (17-18)
AC: -8 (-2 when using a bow)
THAC0: 3
Move: 15
No. Attacks: 3 melee or 4 bow
Damage: Trident 1d6+15 or Bow 1d8+8
Experience: 17,000
Immunities: Darkvision; infravision 240’
Description: Although minion make great fodder, the Illithid culture in Atoria found that sometimes its best to engage directly with troops and fight in the front lines. Normally they would have another race, like the drow, do this. However due to current events the mind flayers have experimented and found ways to enhance themselves without sacrificing much of who they are. These fearsome mind flayers are incredibly strong and skilled front-line fighters.
Combat: These warriors deck themselves out in regal plate armor and a finely crafted trident in one hand, befit of their new position in life. In fact these weapons and armor are psionically enhanced, and grants the myrmidon a + 3 enhancement bonus. They also carry shields with the same effect, and take a total of -5 per source of weapon damage. Some carry bows of equal quality and enhancement.
Empowered Mind Blast: For these front-line fighters, a regular mind blast wont cut it. The mind flayer truly earns its namesake with this power. The mind blast is a 60’ foot radius PBAoE blast. All within the radius that fail their save vs. magic are stunned for 6d6 rounds. So strong is this mind blast victims take a -2 penalty to their saves.
Fighter Skill: These mind flayers gain numerous benefits. For one, they can use their mind blast and fight at the same time, each round. Second, they act as masters of the trident and bow and fight in a fighting style. They are monstrously strong (19 strength) and are never surprised.

Symbiote Slave
Alignment: N
Hit Dice: 8+16
Intelligence: Animal intellect (1)
AC: 3
THAC0: 16
Move: 9 (18 though water)
No. Attacks: 2 (claw, claw)
Damage: claw 1-6, claw 1-6
Experience: 4,000
Immunities: Poison and acid immunity; mind blast immunity; darkvision; infravision 240’; breath weapon
Description: These creatures appear as a tentacled horror with a boney head, three small stacking red eyes, and gill-like slits instead of a mouth. Although these parasites are small in size, its what they attach too that is truly frightening. Once a mind flayer feeds off the brain of a humanoid, in most worlds the body is either discarded or reanimated as a zombie. With the use of these gelatinous creatures however, the mind flayer have able body troops that mutate the body of the humanoid and remake them into frightening warriors. The mutation process from cadaver to monster takes 1d4 days. These creatures don’t communicate but take directions from any mind flayer via ESP with no regard for its own safety. They are immune to the mind flayers mind blast. These creatures act as muscle for the invading armies of mind flayers and make better fodder than dominated humans, although mind flayers still keep humans for entertainment in their arenas.
Combat: The mutated horror can slash with its webbed hands which have long finger nails. These claws are naturally poisoned, and cause nerve damage in any living creature. The poison deals 2d6 damage, and 1d6 damage for three rounds. A successful save vs. poison reduces the poison damage by half, with no lingering duration.
Breath Weapon: The mutated horror can, three times a day, release electricity from its bio-luminescent organs located inside its slit-mouth opening. This electrical discharge is released to a range of 20’ feet, and 30’ feet wide. The electricity deals 4d6 damage; save vs. breath weapon for half damage.

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Native Evil

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