Sword and Sorcery Spellcasters

Origins of Magic after the Cataclysm

From the farthest corners of the cosmos lies ancient beings who heralded first life in the universe. These alien organisms dance between our own 4th dimensional universe and a separated 6th dimensional one. The ancient beings are cosmic in scale, and possess an incomprehensible logic and sight that makes them unaware (or simply uncaring) of most life within the sea of stars. These beings are from the area of the universe known as the black sea (or also called the supervoid by thaumaturges), a place of unfathomable cold and darkness.

After the death of the Watch (the original gods of the world of Atoria) at the hands of these alien beings, the worlds magic was forever changed. Through the death of the gods came the magic sundering. Magic items of +1 and +2 worth automatically disenchanted, as well as almost all but the strongest miscellaneous magic items. Those +3 or greater suffered a -2 to their enchantment, and many abilities stripped from them.

During this time, the mages of the world have been cut off from their magic. However a short time after that, ex-mages ended up getting their hands on ancient knowledge left behind by the conquerors. Many believe these ancient texts were not meant for man. The mages below deal with the theme of cosmic evil.

Mage Types and Magical Attunement

The two mage kits below represent the only playable mages in the game. A mage class must choose from one of the two kits described below (thaumaturge or lunar witch). Each mage type attunes their body and soul to the magical forces at work in the world of Atoria. It takes years of study for this to happen. This time studying taxes and warps the body in a very real and physical way: the characters body degrades and loses 4 points of strength and constitution permanently, however the body also grows quick in reaction time, gaining a 2 point increase in dexterity. This also leads to a mild deformity (chosen by the player).

Mage Spell List

BONUS: Read Magic (1st)(div)(always active)
BONUS: Geas (as a signed, magical contract only) (6th)(enc)

Alarm (1st)(abj)(evo)
Audible Glamer (1st)(ill/pha)
Bless (1st)(con/sum)(1st Priest)
Cantrip (1st)(all schools)
Change Self (1st)(ill/pha)
Dancing Lights (1st)(alt)
Enlarge (1st)(alt)
Entangle (1st)(alt)(1st Priest)
Hypnotism (1st)(enh/cha)
Jump (1st)(alt)
Message (1st)(alt)
Mount (1st)(con/sum)
Sanctuary (1st)(abj)(1st Priest)
Shield (1st)(abj)
Sleep (1st)(enh/cha)
Spider Climb (1st)(alt)
Taunt (1st)(enh/cha)
Phantasmal Force (1st)(ill/pha)
Protection from Evil (1st)(abj)
Purify Food and Drink (1st)(alt)(1st Priest)
Unseen Servant (1st)(con/sum)
Wall of Fog (1st)(abj)

Augury (2nd)(div)(2nd Priest)
Barkskin (2nd)(alt)(2nd Priest)
Blur (2nd)(ill/pha)
Blindness (2nd)
Cure Light Wounds (2nd)(1st Priest)
Deafness (2nd)
Detect Invisibility (2nd)(div)
ESP (2nd)(div)
Fire Trap (2nd)(abj,evo)(2nd Priest)
Flame Blade (2nd)(evo)(2nd Priest)
Fog Cloud (2nd)(alt)
Forget (2nd)(enh/cha)
Heat Metal (2nd)(alt)(2nd Priest)
Hold Person (2nd)(enh/cha)(2nd Priest)
Hypnotic Pattern (2nd)(ill/pha)
Improved Phantasmal Force (2nd)(ill/pha)
Irritation (2nd)(alt)
Levitate (2nd)(alt)
Locate Object (2nd)(div)
Mirror Image (2nd)(ill/pha)
Shatter (2nd)(alt)
Silence, 15’ Radius (2nd)(alt)(2nd Priest)
Slow Poison (2nd)(2nd Priest)
Strength (2nd)(alt)
Web (2nd)(inv/evo)
Wispering Wind (2nd)(alt)

Animate Dead (3rd)(nec)(3rd Priest)
Clairaudience (3rd)(div)
Clairvoyance (3rd)(div)
Detect Scrying (3rd)(div)
Dispel Magic (3rd)(abj)
Feign Death (3rd)(nec)
Glyph of Warding (3rd)(abj,evo)(3rd Priest)
Haste (3rd)(alt)
Infravision (3rd)(alt)
Magical Vestment (3rd)(3rd Priest)
Non-Detection (3rd)(abj)
Phantom Steed (3rd)(con/sum)
Plant Growth (3rd)(alt)(3rd Priest)
Slow (3rd)(alt)
Spike Growth (3rd)(alt,enh)(3rd Priest)
Spectral Force (3rd)(ill/pha)
Suggestion (3rd)(enh/cha)
Summon Insects (3rd)(con/sum)(3rd Priest)
Water Breathing (3rd)(alt)
Wind Wall (3rd)(alt)
Wraithform (3rd)(alt)

Abjure (4th)(abj)(4th Priest)
Cure Disease (4th)(nec)(3rd Priest)
Cure Blindness or Deafness (4th)(nec)(3rd Priest)
Confusion (4th)(enh/cha)
Contagion (4th)(nec)
Enchanted Weapon (4th)(enh/cha)
Enervation (4th)(nec)
Fear (4th)(ill/pha)
Hallucinatory Terrain (4th)(ill/pha)
Illusionary Wall (4th)(ill/pha)
Leomund’s Secure Shelter (4th)(alt)
Magic Mirror (4th)(enh/cha)(div)
Minor Globe of Invulnerability (4th)(abj)
Phantasmal Killer (4th)(ill/pha)
Plant Growth (4th)(alt)
Polymorph Other (4th)(alt)
Remove Curse (4th)(abj)
Solid Fog (4th)(alt)
Wizard Eye (4th)(alt)

Advanced Illusion (5th)(ill/pha)
Airy Water (5th)(alt)
Chaos (5th)(enh/cha)
Contact Other Plane (5th)(div)
Control Winds (5th)(alt)(5th Priest)
Divination (5th)(dvi)(4th Priest)
Domination (5th)(enh/cha)
Dream (5th)(ill/pha)
Feeblemind (5th)(enh/cha)
Hold Monster (5th)(enc)
Magic Jar (5th)(nec)
Neutralize Poison (5th)(nec)(4th Priest)
Passwall (5th)(alt)
Raise Dead (5th)(nec)(5th Priest)
Sending (5th)(evo)
Stone Shape (alt)
Telekinesis (5th)(alt)

Blade Barrier (6th)(evo)(6th Priest)
Control Weather (6th)(alt)
Disintegrate (6th)(alt)
Death Fog (6th)(alt)(evo)
Death Spell (6th)(nec)
Forbiddance (6th)(abj)(6th Priest)
Globe of Invulnerability (6th)(abj)
Glassee (6th)(alt)
Guards and Wards (6th)(alt)
Invisible Stalker (6th)(con/sum)
Lower Water (6th)(alt)
Mass Suggestion (6th)(enh/cha)
Mirage Arcana (6th)(alt)
Mislead (6th)(ill/pha)(caster is only Invisible as per the 2nd level spell)
Move Earth (6th)(alt)
Part Water (6th)(alt)
Programmed Illusion (6th)(ill)
Stone to Flesh (6th)(alt)
Veil (6th)(ill)

Charm Plants (7th)(enc)
Control Undead (7th)(nec)
Conjure Earth Elemental (7th)(con/sum)(7th Priest)
Finger of Death (7th)(nec)
Limited Wish (7th)(con/sum)
Power Word, Stun (7th)(con/sum)
Sequester (7th)(ill)(abj)
Shadow Walk (7th)(ill)(enc)
Spell Turning (7th)(abj)
Statue (7th)(alt)
Vanish (7th)(alt)
Vision (7th)(div)
Weather Summoning (7th)(6th Priest)
Word of Recall (7th)(7th Priest)

Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting (8th)
Antipathy-Sympathy (8th)(enc)
Demand (8th)(evo)(enc)
Glassteel (8th)(alt)
Incendiary Cloud (8th)(alt)(evo)
Maze (8th)(con/sum)
Mind Blank (8th)(abj)
Polymorph Any Object (8th)(alt)
Power Word, Blind (8th)(con/sum)
Screen (8th)(div)(ill)
Serten’s Spell Immunity (8th)(abj)
Sink (8th)(alt)(enc)
Symbol (8th)(con/sum)
Trap the Soul (8th)(con/sum)

Energy Drain (9th)(nec)
Foresight (9th)(div)
Gate (9th)(con/sum)
Power Word, Kill (9th)(con/sum)
Succor (9th)(alt/enc)
Temporal Stasis (9th)(alt)
Time Stop (9th)(alt)
Weird (9th)(ill/pha)
Wish (9th)(con/sum)
*Shape Change (9th)(alt)
*This spell now only allows the character to transform into a dragon and gain its respective hit points and combat bonuses.


Role: Mage.
The Thaumaturge is a mage trying to gain a grasp on the newly discovered magic of the world. They inherently believe that the forces of the universe are at play here, and work to unravel magics ancient secrets. Believing themselves to be rediscovering the magic that was once lost, these mages hope to control the forces of magic for the greater good of the world with almost scientific formula and reasoning.

A thaumaturge mage must use written spell components of magical theory or diagrams (such as drawing glyphs in the air from ones spellbook, using diagrams on vellum cards, ect.) in order to cast all his material component spells.
Requirements: Must have a minimum 12 Intelligence and 9 Wisdom.
Weapon Proficiencies: None.
Non-weapon Proficiencies: Bonus – Reading/Writing and Ancient Languages: Acheronian.
Equipment: 3d6 x 10 gold, 1d4 +6 starting spells, and a spellbook.

The Thaumaturge has the following boons and penalties, active at all times:

  • Greater Globe of Invulnerability (6th)(as a Globe of Invulnerability, except it cannot be brought down, is mobile with the caster, and blocks sixth level or lower spells)
  • Telekinesis (5th)
  • Resist Fire/Resist Cold/Resist Lightning (2nd)
  • Detect Magic (1st) (as a tactile sense only)
  • The Thaumaturge has a 15% chance per game to inadvertently contact an intelligence from the black sea. This can lead to madness (1-50%) or summoning (51-100%). Page 5764 details what insanity could be given.

Thaumaturge Specific Spell List

  • Fire Bolt (1st)(Diablo)
  • Ice Bolt (1st)(Diablo)(inv/evo)
  • Charged Bolt (1st)(Diablo)
  • Grease (1st)
  • Inferno (2rd)(Diablo)
  • Ice Blast (2nd)(Diablo)(inv/evo)
  • Frost Nova (2nd)(Diablo)(inv/evo)
  • Fireball (3rd)(inv/evo)
  • Lightning Bolt (3rd)(inv/evo)
  • Nova (3rd)(Diablo)
  • Flame Wave (4th)(Diablo)
  • Glacial Spike (4th)(Diablo)(inv/evo)
  • Wall of Fire (4th)(evo)
  • Cone of Cold (5th)(inv/evo)
  • Meteor (5th)(Diablo)
  • Flash (5th)(Diablo)
  • Evard’s Black Tentacles (5th)(con/sum)
  • Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere (6th)(inv/evo)
  • Chain Lightning (6th)
  • Guardian (7th)(Diablo)(conj)
  • Delayed Blast Fireball (7th)(evo)
  • Ice Maelstrom (8th)(Diablo)(inv/evo)
  • Meteor Swarm (9th)

Lunar Witch

Role: Mage.
Enigmatic and dangerous, witches draw power from both the black sea (realm of space and time long forgotten) and the dreaming void of the astral realm. A lunar witch believes that the nexus of realities between these two concepts lies in the phases of the moon. They practice such power with verbal incantations and song, fasting and trance-like mediation, astrology, and natural spell components. Although many witches are women, some few witches teach their art to males (warlocks) whom most often are their own children.

A witch must use organic spell components from animal and plant life found in rural areas (such as tree bark and fungus, insect parts, animal organs, ect.) in order to cast all her material component spells.
Requirements: Must have a minimum 9 Intelligence and 12 Wisdom.
Weapon Proficiencies: None.
Non-weapon Proficiencies: Bonus – Astrology and Ancient Languages: Acheronian.
Equipment: 1d4x 10 gold, 1d4 +6 starting spells, and a spellbook.

The Lunar Witch has the following boons and penalties, active at all times:

  • Fly (3rd)
  • Alter Self (2nd) (this includes small animals and birds)
  • Resist Fire/Resist Cold/Resist Lightning (2nd)
  • Speak with Animals (2nd)
  • Charm Person (1st) (only one victim at a time)
  • Bestow Curse (4th) (has a permanent duration, the curse can be chosen by the witch, and can be undone by another witch)
  • The Lunar Witch has a 15% chance per game to inadvertently contact an intelligence from the black sea. This can lead to madness (1-50%) or summoning (51-100%). Page 5764 details what insanity could be given.

Lunar Witch Specific Spell List

  • Ice Bolt (1st)(Diablo)(inv/evo)
  • Amplify Damage (1st)(Diablo)(nec)
  • Reflecting Pool (2nd)(4th Priest)
  • Ice Blast (2nd)(Diablo)(inv/evo)
  • Frost Nova (2nd)(Diablo)(inv/evo)
  • Cure Serious Wounds (3rd)(4th Priest)
  • Glacial Spike (4th)(Diablo)(inv/evo)
  • Enchant (4th)(Diablo)
  • Wall of Ice (4th)(evo)
  • Cure Critical Wounds (5th)(5th Priest)
  • Restoration (5th)(4th Priest)
  • Decrepify (5th)(Diablo)(nec)
  • Lower Resistance (5th)(Diablo)(nec)
  • Cloudkill (5th)(inv/evo)
  • Cone of Cold (5th)(inv/evo)
  • Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere (6th)(inv/evo)
  • Heal (7th)(6th Priest)
  • Ice Maelstrom (8th)(Diablo)(inv/evo)

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